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Make a Mosaic Tile Planter

Looking to add some personality to your plain-Jane patio this summer? Well, you can enhance your outdoor surroundings with this charming patio planter. Made of cedar wood and glass tile, this planter will perk up your patio or enrich your entryway with its interesting texture and unique coloration. Spruce up your space this weekend by building this simple planter.

1. Build a cedar planter

Working on a clean and level surface, cut all of your cedar boards to size with a circular saw.

Build the legs using two cedar boards joined by pocket screws.

Attach the horizontal boards to the legs from the back side with wood glue and nails.

Then, fashion a floor out of smaller boards and nail them in place inside the planter box.

2. Apply mortar and place your tiles

Before applying mortar and tile, do a dry run by taping one of the tile sheets to one of the planter panels, using multiple sheets if necessary to cover the panel. If a row or more of tile is overlapping, you can trim the tile sheet's mesh backing with some scissors. However, if the overlapping occurs in the middle of a tile, you will need to clip it with a tile nipper. Once all the cuts have been made and your tile configuration has been figured out, you can remove the tile from the panel.

Prepare your mortar by mixing it in a bucket per product's instructions. When the thin-set has reached the consistency of peanut butter, begin applying the mortar to the sides of the planter box with a notched trowel.

Starting at the top, gently press the tile sheets into the mortar. Make sure you spread out your fingertips and push down on the tile with a slight twist of the wrist. This will help keep the tile in place, giving it extra hold and preventing it from sagging. After all the panels are tiled, you will need to wait at least 24 hours before grouting.

3. Grout at least 24 hours later

Now that all the tiles are fixed into place, mix your grout. As the grout achieves a looser-than-mayonnaise consistency, scoop it onto a tiled panel. Spread the grout with a rubber float, holding it at a 45° angle. Using steady strokes, spread the grout into the seams. Continue to grout the remaining panels and, then, wait for about 30 minutes..

Since grout leaves a haze as soon as it sets, you will need to do a little cleaning up. With a damp yet well-squeezed sponge, wipe the surface of the tile until you see beautiful, sparkling tile. Allow the grout to dry, and you're done! Now you just need to visit your local Menards Garden Center to find the perfect plant.
Your Very Own DIY Patio Planter Is Just A Few Steps
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