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Pole Barns/Post Frames Made Easy with Help from Menards®!
Find all the products you need to complete your next pole barn/post frame building project and save BIG Money at Menards®. Whether you are planning a new garage, loafing shed, mini warehouse, storage shed or any other pole barn/post frame building, we have all of the products you will need. Our selection of steel panels includes Pro-Rib and Dura-Panel which are available in multiple colors. Our selection of panels also includes skylite and PVC liner panels. Our pole barn/post frame trim options include building, roof, sliding door, snow bar, soffit and wall trim as well as post covers. Having the correct hardware is the key to any successful building project. Our supply of hardware consists of anchors, brackets, Kwik Frames, latches, lateral hardware, nails, screws, stops, tracks, trolleys and verticals. Service doors and windows are available in a number of choices and colors so you can choose whichever ones meet your needs and taste.

Pole Barn/Post Frame trusses and laminated columns are what hold most pole barn/post frame buildings together as a structure providing strength and durability. We offer a variety of roof truss sizes ranging from 20' to 60' as well as framing and wall columns that range from 10' to 46' in height. Tools and accessories you may need for pole barn/post frame projects include boots, closures, insulation, sealant tape, snow jacks, touchup paint, vents, weathervanes and faced insulation. Give your pole barn/post frame building the finishing touch with durable composite gradeboard from Midwest Manufacturing.

We also offer a variety of horse stalls and accessories to complete your new pole barn interior. Our selection includes feeders, horse stall wall sections, stall doors, partitions, hardware and more.