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Save BIG on Batteries and Battery Chargers at Menards®!
Menards® has the batteries you need for all of your electronics, vehicles and tools. Automotive battery chargers and jumpers and testers are great to keep on hand so you have a boost when you need it most. Automotive and lead acid batteries are long-lasting and will help keep your vehicles running for the long haul.

Never miss a photo opportunity by keeping a spare camera batteryon hand! Our button and coin cell batteries are perfect for small items like electronics, gadgets and watches that require small batteries that last. Our selection of power tool batteries and chargers will ensure that you always have full use of your tools when you need them. Cordless phone batteries will enhance the life and power of your cordless phone. Lantern and flashlight batteries are great to keep on hand in case of a power outage. Also, when you keep a backup supply of standard household batteries, rechargeable batteries and rechargers, you'll always have the battery you need whether it's for a new toy for the kids or for the living room remote.

Menards® also carries cell phone and mobile device chargers for in the car or a standard wall outlet. With one of our portable solar powered battery chargers, you can charge your devices on the go!