Cart & Drawer
Clear containers
Clothes Baskets & Laundry Sorters
Cart & Drawer Units
Clear Containers
Clothes Baskets
& Laundry Sorters
Various sized cart and drawer units can be used to organize whatever mess is cluttering your space.
See what you stored away for the time being with our selection of various sized clear containers.
Prevent laundry from piling up and keep it under control.
Open bins & Baskets
under bed storage
Utility Totes
Open Bins
& Baskets
Under Bed Storage
Utility Totes
Open bins and baskets are a great way to organize items that you need to have access to every day.
Turn the unused space under your bed into an out of sight storage space with under bed storage.
Durable utility totes protect your items while keeping them organized and your shelves stay neat.
Save BIG on Totes, Bins and Baskets
It's tough keeping an entire home organized, but at Menards® you'll find all of the totes, bins and baskets you need to keep all of your belongings in their proper place. Carts and drawer units are a great way to sort odds and ends and tuck clutter out of sight. Open bins and baskets are a perfect option for items that you use everyday. No spare room in your classic or bedroom? No problem. Utilize the space underneath your bed with convenient under bed storage products. Keep track of your important items with clear containers. Because they're clear, there's never any doubt what items are in each container. Keep your dirty clothes off the floor with our clothes baskets and laundry sorters. Store a variety of items in our durable utility totes and never worry about your items getting damaged.