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Check out our home accessibility checklist. Update your home room by room for complete accessibility. Print out this helpful checklist. Click here to download now.
What is Home Accessibility?
Your home should be a place of comfort, but for many individuals with limited mobility simply moving around the house can be a daily challenge. Home accessibility products are designed to make it easier for you or your family to move about and use your home in a variety of ways. These products allow anyone to live comfortably and independently in their house as well as help prevent common household accidents due to mobility difficulties. Menards® offers a wide selection of Home Accessibility products for many different rooms including: bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and more. Not only are these products durable and reliable, but they are also available in many different styles that will seamlessly blend into your existing decor. With home accessibility products from Menards®, nothing in your home will slow you down!
Plan Ahead:
You'll get peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens in the future, you or a loved one will always be able to comfortably live in your home. We want to provide you with the information and products needed to plan and make the correct improvements to your home. Planning ahead now can help you save time and money in later years. These home accessibility improvements are a solid investment. Not only do these modifications cost less than moving into a new home or living in an assisted living facility, they can also help anyone maintain their comfort, safety and independence for years to come.
Save BIG on Home Accessibility
Everyone wants to live comfortably in their home. With a few modifications and a little help from Menards®' selection of home accessibility products you can easily transform your home to accommodate the needs of you or a loved one. Home Accessibility is the process of updating a home to make it safer or more easily manageable for its residents. With our selection of products, you'll get peace of mind and added comfort for every room in your home. Prevent accidents due to slipping in the bathroom with one of our bath safety products. We offer toilets and walk-in tubs that are easy to access and use. Kitchen tasks and other chores like laundry are also easier to accomplish with our selection of kitchen appliances and faucets. Ensure that your kitchen also remains organized with our cabinet organization products. Keep your home accessible and easily move in and out of your house as well as from room to room with our mobility and home entry products. Menards® has all of the canes and crutches, rollators and powered mobility products to move wherever you want to go. We offer a variety of ramps and railing to easily and safely move up and down stairs and into your home. Our selection of doors and locks and knobs ensure that it easy to access any room. For additional safety Menards® offers many unique home security and safety products, flooring and lighting and switches to feel safe and secure in your home at all times.