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Adhesive Notes
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Cork & Dry
Erase Boards
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Save BIG on Office Supplies at Menards®!
It takes a lot to keep an office running smoothly. Fortunately, Menards® has all the office supplies for home and business. Never go searching for a pen again! Menards® has writing tools and accessories in a variety of colors as well as writing paper and pads. Office basics are always good to keep on hand especially adhesives and tape, calculators, scissors, staplers and punches and paper clips and rubber bands. Create beautiful works of art with our selection of art supplies and keep yourself organized at all times with our convenient file folders, calendars and planners. Make clear notes for yourself or others with our adhesive notes and flags. Make sure your most important notes and messages are on display with our selection of cork and dry erase boards. Send letters and packages on their way with our mailing and shipping supplies. Clean your desk without damaging your computer and other technology with one of our convenient aerosol dusters. Any presentation will run smoothly with our selection of binders and presentation materials. Menards also offers a variety of stylish and functional office furniture for your home office or business. Create a whole new look for your office with a new desk from Menards®. Store and organize your important documents with one of our file cabinets and display your books and other items with one of our stylish bookcases or armoires.