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Save BIG on Plumbing Installation and Repair at Menards®!
Keep your plumbing systems running smoothly with a variety of plumbing installation and repair products from Menards®. Easily install new appliances with one of our appliance installation devices, kits and accessories, and properly install your new toilet with our wax gaskets and bolts. Cut pipe quickly and accurately with our cutting oil and lubricants. Prevent clogs with one of our drains, strainers and covers in many different sizes. Repair your broken faucet with our faucet repair supplies. We offer a wide range of flanges and nipples for many plumbing projects. Clean and cement your pipes with pipe cements, cleaners and primers. We also offer pipe sealants, caulk, putty and lubricants. Keep your plumbing systems clean with our selection of plumbing cleaners. Prevent water from penetrating your roof with our roof flashings supplies. Update your sink with our selection of sink accessories or update your tub with one of our tub drains, overflows, kits and accessories. Keep water running smoothly through your home with our supply lines; supply valves; and tubular drains, connectors and accessories. Use our soldering compounds and accessories to complete any soldering project.