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Save BIG on Wiring and Connecting at Menards®!
Menards® has all the wiring and connecting supplies you need. Protect and route your electrical wiring with our selection of conduit, available in a variety of sizes. We offer electrical boxes and covers in different styles for any project. Menards® has a wide selection of electrical tools, including crimpers, strippers and saws as well as electrical wire and cable in many different sizes and styles. Get the power to where you need it most and keep your electrical cords from tangling with our electrical cords and cord management products. Our durable strut supports are available in many different sizes. Protect, contain and route wires with our surface mount raceways and make important connections with our terminals and connectors. We also offer a variety of wiring accessories, including cable ties and fasteners. Our selection of wiring devices includes switches, fan controls and dimmers.