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Save BIG on Safety and Security Equipment at Menards®!
Keep your commercial property and belongings safe and secure with the wide variety of safety and security equipment at Menards®! Our personal protective equipment will help protect you and prevent accidents on the job. Protect your body in work areas with our selection of hard hats and accessories, coveralls, gloves, knee pads and chaps, raincoats and high visibility clothing. You can also defend your lungs, eyes and ears with hearing protection, face shields, safety glasses and goggles, respirators, respirator cartridges and filters and welding helmets. Many accidents can happen on a work site but you can work safely with our selection of back support belts, earplugs and earmuffs fall protection equipment and tool belts and bags. Keep your properties prepared for emergencies with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, disaster kits and equipment, indoor fire sprinkler systems and smoke and CO detectors. We also offer anti- fatigue mats for everyday use. Our security equipment will ensure that your property and belongings are always safe. This selection includes: door locks, door bells and intercoms, outdoor security lights, padlocks, bike locks and accessories, safes security timers and security systems and controls. Another way to enhance the safety and security of commercial buildings is by using informative signs including parking lot signs, general use signs, residential signs and traffic signs. Safety cones and markers are also a good way to prevent misunderstandings and potential accidents or safety hazards.