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Air Compressors, Pneumatic Tools & Accessories
Collated Screw Guns & Accessories
Drill Presses & Accessories
Dust Collection Equipment & Accessories
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Power Drills & Accessories
Power Saws & Accessories
Power Tool Combo Kits
Routers & Accessories
Welding & Soldering Equipment & Accessories
Wet/Dry Vacuums & Accessories
Band Saw Blades & Accessories
Circular Saw Blades & Accessories
Drill Attachments & Accessories
Drill Bits, Sets & Accessories
Drive Bits, Sets & Accessories
Hole Saws, Sets & Accessories
Jigsaw Blades, Sets & Accessories
Oscillating Tool Accessories
Reciprocating Blades & Accessories
Rotary Tool Sets & Accessories
Router Bits, Sets & Accessories
Scroll Saw Blades, Sets & Accessories
Spiral Saw Blades & Accessories
Threading Tools, Sets & Accessories
Hand Tool Accessories
Axes & Mauls
Chisels, Files, Punches & Sets
Drywall Tools
Augers, Tillers, Compactors & Accessories
Blowers & Accessories
Chainsaws & Accessories
Generators & Alternative Power Generating
Clamps & Vises
Hex Keys
Levels, Plumb Bobs, Accessories & Kits
Hedge Trimmers
Lawn Mowers & Accessories
Power Sports
Pressure Washers & Accessories
Concrete & Masonry Tools
Measuring & Layout Tools, Accessories & Kits
Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Hex Keys & Sets
Pliers & Plier Sets
Snow Blowers & Accessories
Trimmers & Accessories
Wood Splitters, Chippers & Accessories
Ratchets & Sockets
Saws & Cutting Tools
Specialty Hand Tools
Staplers, Staples & Rivet Tools
Drain Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
Electrical Tools
Garden & Landscaping Tools
Ductwork Tools
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Wrecking & Pry Bars
Wrenches & Wrench Sets
Laminate Installation & Maintenance
Painting Tools
Plumbing Tools
Roofing Tools
Storage Racks & Containers
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Truck & Job Boxes
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Tile Installation Tools
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Menards® carries everything you need for your next project. Gain extra power and precision with our selection of power tools. Add quality accessories to your power tools to tackle any project with ease. Complete all your outdoor tasks quickly and easily with our selection of outdoor power equipment.

Classic hand tools are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of unique projects. We also offer trade tools that are designed to handle specific tasks. Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape by maintaining it with our selection of quality automotive supplies. Tool organization products can store all your tools and supplies, making them easier to find and more readily available.