Tax Exempt Forms - Ohio


Seller Information:

Purchaser Information:

General Exemption

Purchaser must state a valid reason for claiming exception or exemption.

License Number

Contractor's Exemption

Identification of Contract:

Real property under a construction contract with the United State government, its agencies, the state of Ohio, or an Ohio political subdivision;
A horticulture structure or livestock structure for a person engaged in the business of horticulture or producing livestock;
A building used exclusively for charitable purposes by a nonprofit organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes as defined in Ohio Revised Code(R.C.) section 5739.02(B)(12);
The original construction of a sports facility under R.C. section 307.585;
Real property that is owned, or will be accepted for ownership at the time of completion, by the United State government, it's agencies, the state of Ohio or an Ohio political subdivision;
A house of public worship or religious education;
A building under construction contract with an organization exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 when the building is to be used exclusively for the organization's exempt purposes;
A hospital facility entitled to exemption under R.C. sections 140.08;
Real property outside this state if such materials and services, when sold to a construction contractor in the state in which the real property is located for incorporation into real property in that state, would be exempt from a tax on sales levied by that state.

Menards® will use this email address for the sole purpose of notifying you of changes to, or issues with, your registered information. 

Menard, Inc. Privacy Statement for Tax Exempt Transactions:
Menard, Inc. values your privacy and is dedicated to protecting the personal and business information you provide to us.

The Information We Collect:

"Personal and business information" includes information used to identify you or your business, including: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, tax identification number(s), and any other information you provide to us in order for Menard, Inc. to best serve you or your business. Providing your email address is used only to notify you of changes to, or issues with, your registration.

"Planned purchase categories" include goods and/or services you plan to purchase for yourself or your business. This information must be included in your registration in order to determine whether you or your business qualifies for tax exempt status.

"Required tax exempt information" varies from state-to-state but usually includes state-issued tax identification numbers. Menard, Inc. uses this information within our corporate accounting department to verify your exemption status.

"Security information" includes your password. This information is collected as part of the registration process in order to restrict viewing access to your registration. You may use your password to sign in to your account and update your information on a kiosk at any of our retail stores. Do not provide your password to anyone you do not wish to have access to your registration.

How We Use Your Information:

Currently, any personal and business information, planned purchase categories, and required tax exempt information we collect from you is used solely to verify tax-exempt status or to contact you regarding changes in or problems with your registration. By registering with Menard, Inc., you acknowledge that Menard, Inc. may provide your personal and business information, planned purchase categories, and required tax exempt information to state or federal auditors, upon the auditors' request, or when required to provide this information pursuant to a valid subpoena or court order. Menard, Inc. will not sell or provide your personal or business information to any third party without your consent.

Electronic Signatures:

You may be prompted to press "Accept" or "Decline" when asked whether you understand and accept specific terms or conditions associated with your purchase or tax exempt certification status. By clicking "Accept", you acknowledge, understand, and accept that your electronic signature has the same force and effect as a handwritten signature as to those terms and conditions.

Cancelling Your Registration; Privacy Concerns:

You will be given an instructional certificate after your registration is complete. This certificate summarizes your registration and provides instructions for updating it. You may cancel your registration by contacting our Corporate Tax Department. If you believe that Menard, Inc. has violated the privacy policy described herein, please contact our Corporate Tax Department.

Permission to Enter Information into Electronic Tax Exempt System:

By signing and submitting this form to Menard, Inc., you are acknowledging that you have read the above Menard, Inc. Privacy Statement for Tax Exempt Transactions. You are also giving Menard, Inc. permission to enter the tax-exempt information provided on the completed tax-exempt certificate and this form into our electronic tax-exempt system. After your information is entered into our electronic tax-exempt system, you will receive a Menards® Tax ID Number that will allow you to make tax-exempt purchases at our Menards® stores.

By entering my name and the name of my entity/organization in the space provided on this E-Slip; providing additional information to the person required to collect tax (seller) that reasonably identifies me as the individual named herein; and completing the transactions associated with this Tax Exempt Sales E-Slip, I understand and agree that I am electronically signing and submitting this Tax Exempt Sales E-Slip in connection with purchases that, but for the electronic record of this Tax Exempt Sales E-Slip, the seller would otherwise charge and collect sales or use tax from me/my entity/organization. I also certify to the truthfulness, completeness, and correctness of all of the statements contained in this Tax Exempt Sales E-Slip and to entitlement to the exclusion or exemption from sales or use tax claimed via my submission of this electronic certificate to the seller.